Help Sell Your House Fast

Help Sell Your House Fast

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Sell your house fast in spite of rainy, muddy and unpredictedable spring weather by making it look its very best. Just how do you that? I will give a few pointers to help any house look better almost immediately.

1) Clear out the decoration accumulation from your front porch. Ditch the Christmas wreath if it is still hanging on your door. Take down the Valentines or St. Patricks day decorations that may be hanging on your front windows. Ditto the Easter decorations.

2) Put away any winter related items, such as snow shovels, the bag of salt, the kids’ sled or anything else associated with winter weather.

3) If there is anything remaining on the porch or at the entry way, evaluate it to see if it really looks as good as you think it does. Use a critical eye to ‘see’ what buyers see when they approach your house. If it is in anyway shabby or unnecessary, looking like clutter, find it a new home.

4) Wash your windows, including the exterior sills. Sweep and wash away any winter dirt from your porch, including the ceiling, if possible. Make everything look as fresh as spring.

5) Touch up any chipped paint that may be at the entry area. Make it look like new.

6) After cleaning the entire entry area, it is time to add some needed spring color. Invest in containers of colorful tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, ranunculus or other spring flowers. These are available now at places like The Home Depot, Lowes, local garden centers and your favorite grocery store. Bright colors will capture the attention of home buyers. If the containers are decorative, you can place the flowers in strategic spots right on your porch. If they aren’t in decorative pots, think about purchasing a few of these pots and place the entire container of flowers directly into the pot, no planting necessary.

7) Touch up any chipped paint that may be at the entry area.

8) Invest in a new ‘Welcome’ mat to greet potential buyers and throw out that dingy old one.
house with flowers

Thses tips, coupled with the right price, will help to sell your house fast. If you don’t have the time to spruce up your home, yet still want to sell it fast, give me, Claudia, a call at 570-332-0000. I will work to offer you a solution.

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